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The nature around Faroe Islands is rich in materials that we want to bring into your home. We harvest and process the seaweed ourselves, which is an important element in our products. The seaweed can variate of the season and has its own process of making the magic in our products.




We aim for a clean and responsible production and therefore our products do not contain chemical substances, perfume, palm oil, artificial dyes or parabens.

We want to take a social and global responsibility in our production. That is anything from the materials we use, the way we make our products, work as a team and choose our business partners.

We are a zero waste company and that is why we don't cut a lot of our soap to give them the perfect shape, but you will find soaps that are unique with their own look. Just like our nature. The leftovers from the soap is reproduced for foot bath and our no-waste-soap we sell. 


We make sure to minimise our wrapping and use of plastic. Every packaging regarding plastic is made from recycled products and our boxes are made out of organic cotton. 

We hope, that you will keep the box from us and use it for storing other things in your home. 



Havdypp is founded in 2021 and the word means winter bathing in our local language at Faroe Islands. We are a small business owned by Emma Arenshøj & Stine Olsen.

Havdypp was created because we all have love for winter bathing and we therefore got inspired to make wellness products made from the nature, you always can bring with you to a Havdypp. We want to built a community where you can share your passion for natural products and the nature all in one with people you love to spent time with. 

Stine lives in Faroe Islands with her husband. Emma lives part time in Uganda and that is why we have a special vision to make living conditions better for the people there by giving them the partnership to make some of our products. 

We are in it for the passion. The passion for the nature and the people. Make a simple choice and chose Havdypp. We support global and produce local. 

Love, Team Havdypp



We want to create a wellness brand where all products are made and inspired from the best nature material of Faroe Islands. Havdypp is made for everyone. We want to make it easier for people to take part in our journey towards a more sustainable living.
Not only for the planet, but also for you. 
We make soaps, scrubs and accessories that are vegan, handmade and unique without parfume, palm oil or parabens in the products.
Our products that are not produced from the nature at Faroe Islands comes from local business partner inside Europe or from a local community we support in Uganda. 







Havdypp is all about community and sharing the love for the nature and people. That is why we consider our partners as a part of our family. 

We have men and women helping us with making products like our natural lave sponge pad that comes from the plant Change, also known as Loofah, that grows in Uganda. 
The material in our sponge pads comes from recycled cotton which means that no sponge pad are the same - just like our soap. All our products are handmade and unique. 


When you support Havdypp, you support community growth in Uganda. 


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