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Havdypp Community Retreats 2024

yoga  |  spa, sauna & ice bath  |  hiking |  ceramic


For those of you who are curious, adventurous and ready to pamper yourself through ocean dips, yoga and hikes in nature to boost your joy and energy together. The retreats are held in both Danish & English. You are welcome to join the international retreats even though you speak Danish.

Intro price: 6.500 kr. (Be aware that this only is in 2024. 2025 is 7.900 kr.)

Language: Danish

28 March - 01 April 2024

09-13 May 2024

16 - 20 May 2024

30 July-04 August 2024

05 - 09 August 2024

Language: English

10-14 July 2024

If you want to join in 2025 please find our info, program and prices here:

Havdypp Community Retreats are held in our minimalist house in Stykkiò on the Faroe Islands. You will have a direct view down to Leynar beach during your yoga sessions. We provide yoga mats, but you are welcome to bring your own. Leynar beach is also where we take the daily Havdypp in the ocean. ​


We provide a cozy setting with time for yourself, experiences and the community. You will have the opportunity not only to taste the Faroese nature but also the Faroese cuisine. You will live in either the retreat house or the house next door. However, all activities outside the program will take place in house next door.



Skærmbillede 2023-08-02 kl. 19.40.35.png
Skærmbillede 2023-11-29 kl. 08.55.25.png
Skærmbillede 2023-11-03 kl. 13.47.01.png


Skærmbillede 2023-11-24 kl. 11.42.25.png
Skærmbillede 2023-11-24 kl. 11.42.32.png
Skærmbillede 2023-11-24 kl. 12.49.07.png


Skærmbillede 2023-11-27 kl. 09.28.39.png
Skærmbillede 2023-11-27 kl. 09.28.52.png
Skærmbillede 2023-11-27 kl. 09.29.17.png

You can book a spot here:

We can't wait to see you!
Love, team Havdypp


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